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Niche Digital Conference Sneak Preview
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2016 Niche Digital Conference - Details coming soon!

Denver, CO
September 19 - 21, 2016

Advertisers, sponsors and readers alike are looking for online opportunities. And complete media integration is where it's all at! Those publishers that figure out their profitable integrated strategy first are going to be the winners!

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Do the Unthinkable... Go Full Stack and Own Your Audience!

Jay Acunzo

Host & Creator

All right, niche publishers… let’s talk lessons from the tech start-up world! Here’s the traditional model: We get readers’ attention through great content, then hand them on a silver platter to our advertisers, who in turn ask them to act -- purchase a product, download a whitepaper, or fill out a lead-gen form.

What if we did the unthinkable? What if we stopped giving our audience away? What if we stopped redirecting our audience to advertisers, and instead owned every moment of the customer life cycle--from attention to purchase to loyalty, and every step in between? What if we did the unthinkable and started serving our audience first?

A whole new generation of media companies are reinventing their revenue models by owning every layer of the audience relationship. Niche publishers have an enormous opportunity to develop new revenue by daring to stop selling advertising and start selling products!

Startup veteran-turned-VC brand builder Jay Acunzo will give you front line secrets and stories from publishers who have already made the shift and are reaping the rewards. Jay will give you 5 core lessons to transform your passive readership into active customers and exponentially increased revenue. And learn what it means to be a “full stack” media brand!

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Same as it Ever Was… Radical Digital Reach and Print “Magazine” Media

Bradford Fayfield

Founder & Owner
Storm Mountain Media

We all know it... We live it every day... Magazine media is in a radical state of transformation. Today’s digital and social channels dwarf our print outlets, allowing us to communicate stories in ways once unimaginable, and with unrivaled efficiencies. Our audience engagement and reach have never been more bountiful, and our position for growth more opportune.

This radical digital transformation presents huge opportunities for agile and daring niche publishers to leverage our brands to increase revenues, build bonds with our audience, and strengthen partnerships with our advertisers. But what’s the fate of print in a digital and social focused media world? How can niche publishers pair print and digital together to heighten impact and maximize revenues from our content?

Over the past 19 years, Bradford Fayfield and Storm Mountain Media have built one of the world’s largest outdoor-media businesses, reaching more than 5 million enthusiasts every month via the Freeskier and Snowboard brands. Get an insider look at how Bradford and his ace team are reshaping their business by leveraging digital and social to tell more stories, reach more people, and generate more revenue from advertising partners.