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Niche Digital Conference Sneak Preview
Welcome to the Embassy Suites Denver Downtown!

2016 Niche Digital Conference - Details coming soon!

Denver, CO
September 19 - 21, 2016

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Advertisers, sponsors and readers alike are looking for online opportunities. And complete media integration is where it's all at! Those publishers that figure out their profitable integrated strategy first are going to be the winners!

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Your Editor -- the New Revenue Rock Star!

Andrew Davis

Monumental Shift
The most under-utilized asset in a publisher’s portfolio is the editorial talent we employ. It’s the publisher’s who’ve embraced the simple idea that bylines are brands who have realized new revenue streams, created new events, launched new web properties, even spun-off new lines of business. The future of the publishing industry isn’t in expanding your masthead brand, it’s in elevating your talent.

In this action-packed keynote address, author, former television producer and dynamic speaker around the globe Andrew Davis will challenge and inspire you to embrace a new kind of editorial talent: one that doesn’t end at the byline. He’ll encourage you to foster your team’s big dreams and embrace their crazy ideas. You’ll be inspired to re-think the way you hire talent by looking for people that dream of being more than a writer.

In an online world where publishing success is being defined by your ability to get closer to your audience’s everyday experiences, you’ll uncover how simply elevating your talent expands your revenue potential.

Are you ready to Claim Your Fame?

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Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo: Pick a Channel & Watch Revenue Grow!

Benny DiCecca

Wellesley Information Services
Most niche publishers know how important our print magazines are to our overall strategy. Print ain’t dead. (Not even close!) It’s the foundation on which we scaffold our digital programs. It’s where we feed our ancillary products. And it’s absolutely critical to our brands. But looking at the profitability of print solely against paid pages is an increasingly shallow metric, particularly if that profitability is declining. Savvy and strategy publishers need to look closely at how to leverage print content across our digital channels to make serious money online.

Benny DiCecca, CEO of Wellesley Information Services, is leading the charge in his own organization, taking content from print, using it to build community, and setting the right online revenue-generating programs in place to drive growth. Benny is a master of translating print audience into page views into dollars! Benny will teach you how to flip the model and funnel print into multiple channels to drive online revenue growth. Follow Benny’s model to a host of big revenue opportunities – from channel sponsorship to demand generation to display advertising, with the metrics to back it up all while capturing and engaging your online communities and print audience. There’s online money to made from your print. Capture it!

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Keynote: The 4X4 Model: How to Capture and KEEP Your Audience’s Attention in Today’s Info-Glut Digital Universe

Bill Shander

Beehive Media
In a world in which Facebook users share 2.5 million pieces of content every minute, it’s getting harder for niche publishers to be seen through the clutter. In this special luncheon keynote, information design guru Bill Shander will explain his innovative 4x4 model for content, an approach that will help you communicate anything – especially data – while getting the right people to the right information at the right time. He’ll explain the ways in which publishers can become better storytellers in the digital age to increase engagement, retention and social sharing. You won’t want to miss it!