Camp Niche Ad Sales Track 2.0

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Camp Niche Like You've Never Seen It Before:
100% New Ad Sales Classes!

Bonus! New 1/2-day pre-conference workshop for new ad sales people (and those who need a little retooling) on Monday, September 30th in Nashville, TN: Hands-On Revenue Workshop - Camp Niche Ad Sales Unplugged!

The full Camp Niche Ad Sales Training Program will take place October 1-2 in Nashville as a track at the Niche Digital Conference. This Camp Niche Track is limited to the First 50 people to sign up! 

We've taught Camp Niche Ad Sales Training for 13 years to 3,000+ Magazine Publishers, Ad Directors and Ad Reps. (That's a lot!) For anyone who has not attended Camp Niche before, we highly recommend you sign up for the Camp Niche Ad Sales Unplugged Workshop on Monday afternoon.

Camp Niche Ad Sales 2.0 is 100% new material for you to develop sales success in the new media age. Anyone who signs up for the Camp Niche track will receive a complete binder and access to all the presentations online.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend Camp Niche

  1. People love Camp Niche because it's 100% specifically about MAGAZINE AD SALES in print and online!
  2. Practical. All sessions have a "how to" approach to everyday situations.
  3. Now 50% of the training is about selling online related advertising and sponsorships.
  4. Best speakers / trainers in the World! Carl, Nancy, Ryan, and Mitchell have a combined 65 years of experience (that's 455 in cat years).
  5. Over 3,000 people have attended Camp Niche Chances are someone from your magazine or your competitor's have attended.
  6. All Niche Magazines. Geared specifically for "target audience" niche magazines that have small staff budgets but need BIG results!
  7. You'll receive a complete course binder with 200+ pages of notes from EVERY session. Here's our Camp Niche Ad Sales Training movie: The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful.
  8. People love Camp Niche. See what campers are saying!
  9. Everything is included. You get admission to the Camp Niche ad sales track, a complete Jamboree binder, continental breakfast and lunch both days, admission to all the Niche Magazine Conference Keynotes and 2 super-fun parties.
  10. ROI Mania Your Best Investment this year!

Go to the Head of the Class! Competitive Selling Strategies
Nancy O'Brien
Competition for ad dollars is fierce - media buyers have more choices than ever and limited budgets. We'll train you to WIN in competitive selling situations. Learn how to position your publication...
Digital Prospecting for Success
Ryan Dohrn
Learn how to create and execute your own Big 50 Prospect List. Digital ad sales coach Ryan Dohrn will show you a new way of prospecting 50 brand new advertisers that will save you time, effort, and...
Marketing for Maximum Revenue!
Nancy O'Brien
Let's face it, publishers often don't have the time or the budget to launch elaborate marketing campaigns to increase sales. That's why individual sales reps must take it upon themselves to develop...
The Ultimate Guide! Today's High-Tech, Social Media Savvy Sales Person
Mitchell Olszewski
The old-time, stereotypical sales person - briefcase and media kit in hand - is a thing of the past. Today's successful salesperson is creating a personal brand online and is fully present in a 24-...
Debating Digital
Ryan Dohrn
Now more than ever advertisers are fleeing us for Google Ad Words, Facebook, or online only digital ad opportunities. Ad sales coach Ryan Dohrn will show you how to handle digital objections with...
Research = Revenue + Relationships
Nancy O'Brien
Advertising sales is a tricky business - we aren't selling widgets with warranties but a vision of who our audience is and what they can buy. Rise above the competition with critical research and...
Why Don't My Advertisers Like Me?
Ryan Dohrn
Hey, sales rep! What are you doing to grab an advertiser's attention?  Digital sales guru Ryan Dohrn will teach you the 5 critical steps to presenting yourself, your company and your products to...

About Us - Camp Niche

Carl, Nancy and Ryan


You've got the best-of-the-best magazine publishing gurus around your campfire at this jamboree. We've got a combined 600 years (o.k., more like 60 years) of publishing experience and passion for those crazy niche magazines. Whether your magazine is Consumer or B-to-B, looking to sell print, digital, or integrated:

We're ready for you!!!

carl LandauCarl Landau:
Wild, Crazy, and Always Entertaining.

MagazinesCarl is the perfect host. He's made millions starting and selling five niche magazines and two conferences & tradeshows in both the consumer and B-to-B publishing worlds.

Carl became famous 15 years ago for sending cats in the mail! He has taught his Camp Niche ad sales seminars to over 3,000 ad sales professionals. This has given him unique insight into the needs of the small-to-medium niche publishers. He started the wildly successful "Publishers Only" Niche Magazine Conference in 2007 and the Niche Digital Conference in 2009.

Nancy O'Brien:
With Nancy's training, you'll never fly coach again!Nancy got her start at Petroleum Engineer and has been on the publishing fast track ever since! She was a perennial million-dollar-plus ad sales star at Oil & Gas Journal and Electric Aviation International NewsLight & Power. As a publisher at Phillips Business Aviation Maintenance she transformed the publication into a multi-million dollar property.

Today she sells millions of dollars a year in ad sales as a part-timer for Aviation International News without breaking a sweat. She's an ad sales super star that is an expert at teaching how to use research and circulation to bag that big ad sales prize.

Nancy is also the Conference Director for the Niche Magazine Conference.

Ryan DohrnRyan Dohrn: He didn't invent the Internet, but close!

360 Ad Sales TrainingRyan has been an innovative force in the marketing, promotion, and internet business since 1995. In 1996 Ryan created the revolutionary equine marketplace, and later became General Manager of Morris Magazines Interactive, where he managed web strategy and online operations for 14 magazines.

Ryan is now President of 360 Ad Sales Training & Strategy, a sales consulting firm focused on developing online and print advertising strategies for magazine publishers.  Ryan is also the Conference Director for the Niche Digital Conference.

 Mitchell Olszewski: Put some pow in your high tech ad sales plan!

Mitchell is Account Director at Aquent. Until spring of 2013 he was an innovative sales representative at Milwaukee Magazine. Mitchell brought his new media sales techniques and client-centric marketing model to Milwaukee Magazine including personal branding, healthy rapport building, increased advertiser response through print, photography, video, and social media.

Mitchell developed his skills at a local advertising agency GT Creative as a project manager, leading creative teams to produce a plethora of marketing and advertising services.